Diversity In Corporate Worship

Genesis Community Church has always placed a high value on diversity. When we planted the church we strategically planted in an area that had a diverse population.

We prayed that God would make us diverse like the community we were in. Then…He did.

He blessed us and grew our church using many different types of people. I’ve heard so many first time visitors express the awesomeness of the diversity we have! God is good! He has done some amazing things in our church.

Just as we value diversity in the way we look, we also value diversity in the things we do. As pastor of worship, I desire that our corporate worship time be diverse. I love looking down from the stage during worship and seeing so many different types of people singing and glorifying our great God together!

In that moment, it’s as if all the racial tension and division in the world doesn't exist. It’s a small glimpse of what heaven will look like. Gods people, no matter what color, age, or financial status, all worshiping the Father in unity. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a godly thing!

I admit, diversity in worship is a hard thing to pull off!

It pushes our comfort zone. It pushes against culture and easiness. I confess that because of the difficulty to do this, I have sometimes pulled back on intentionally creating a diverse worship culture. Forgive me. I truly want to honor God in the way I lead the worship ministry.

I am devoting myself, as your worship pastor, to explore how we can greater implement other styles and preferences into our worship. Because we do value diversity in worship, you will see this take shape in the way we do things.

For instance, we will sometimes have a loud full band, and we will sometimes have a more quiet small band. We will sometimes sing hymns, and we will sometimes sing new songs. We will sometimes have a man lead the music, and we will sometimes have a woman lead the music. We will sometimes do calm music, and we will sometimes do more energetic music.

Church, we use the gifts and talents of the people that God has given us. We don’t want to ever be inauthentic in our worship. We don’t want to force certain things that God has not blessed us with. Be assured though, making the worship more diverse is heavily on our radar as your pastors.


Diversity can take many different forms. Our church is diverse in ethnicity, age, financial status, and cultural status. I am amazed with the way God has brought everyone together as one church!

Since there are many different forms of diversity in our church, I want there to be many different ways our worship is diverse. We have people who prefer loud music, quiet music, energetic music, calm music, many instruments, fewer instruments, hymns, modern songs, gospel songs, and so on and so on. The types of musical preferences among people are endless.

We cannot please everyone with their favorite type of music, and we don't want to! My job as the pastor of worship is not to take song and style requests from everyone, compile a list, and perform songs to please everyone's preferences. My job as pastor of worship is to teach the church through corporate worship in songs, scriptures, and prayers that are theologically rich and saturated with the gospel.

Church, I will take preference suggestions and pray through them. If it is what I believe the Lord wants us to implement into our corporate worship, then I will. I value each one of you and each one of your suggestions. I want everyone to really enjoy the music we sing together.

I don’t want to ever be a distraction between you and God during worship. I am praying for you on a regular basis. I am praying that our times of corporate worship will be rich and glorifying to God. I love you all and want to remind you that everything you do as a christian is worship.

Be aware and conscious of this throughout your everyday lives.  

What are we singing?

Last week:

  • Here For You(Matt Redman)
  • The Lord Our God (Kristian Stanfill)
  • Jesus Paid it All (Kristian Stanfill version)
  • Man of Sorrows (Hillsong)

This Week:

  • Look and See (Michael Bleecker)
  • Cornerstone (Hillsong)
  • This I Believe (Hillsong)
  • Lord I Need You (Matt Maher)

I can't wait to worship with you again this Sunday, family! I love you all and will be praying for you.