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It’s important to find a community of Christ-followers where you feel like you belong. We know what it feels like to feel frustrated and unconnected when you can’t find a church community where your family can fellowship with like-minded believers. If you’re like others who are seeking a new home church, you’ve probably had a hard time deciphering which churches hold the same tenets as you do. You’ve likely wondered if you’d be able to find a Gospel-centered church where your family could fellowship with other believers. At Genesis Community Church, we get it! Since 2013, we’ve helped people just like you feel at home in a church community where they feel welcome.


Watch online or join us in-person for a Sunday morning service. You’ll see our heart for the Lord, our style, and our care for God’s Word.


Fellowship is more than just a Sunday service. We have many small groups you can join to further connect with other believers.


Join us as we discover the Lord and dig deeper into our relationship with Him, and support one another in our efforts to grow.

Our Mission Is To Make Jesus Known

About Genesis Community

Founded in 2011

Members of the Acts 29 & Houston Church Planting Network

We believe one God has eternally existed as the three equal yet distinct persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


We believe it shouldn’t be that hard to find a church community where you feel like you belong. We’re here to help your family find fellowship in a Biblically-centered environment so you can feel welcomed and encouraged in your Christian walk. As partners with the Acts29 network, a diverse group of church-planting churches, we believe in living gospel-centered lives, and we care about bringing biblical truths to the world.