Genesis Family:

In our March update we shared with you that, while we were keeping our COVID protocol in place, we were optimistic that we would only be needing to do so for a few more months. We were (and still are) monitoring our area, and our optimism continues.

Case counts are about where they were when we re-started services in September, but we also know that April 2021 is different from September 2020 when it comes to those with antibodies, vaccine availability, and the continued measures many people have employed. 

As a church, we haven’t had any service registration for several months and have been able to adjust our space as needed to accommodate. Further, while we don’t know of every case in our church family, we cannot recall a time where Covid was spread because of our gathering on a Sunday morning. For that, we’re grateful. 

We want to communicate the following adjustment: Starting Sunday, May 2nd, mask-wearing will be optional. Our outdoor feed will continue for a few more weeks but will likely stop on or before the end of May. 

Kids ministry classroom leaders will continue to wear masks, and we will continue to provide extra masks for anyone who wants one. We still ask you to be wise in your approach to others at the church. Do not come if you’re feeling ill and recognize that we aren’t claiming COVID is over. If anything, we realize just how frail we are in this life. 

What is never optional, though, is to love those in your church family, show them deference, and consider them better than yourself (Phil 2:3). We still have months to go before we will likely be operating at fuller capacity (specifically in our kids ministry), and we need the kindness, grace, and participation of our church family to continue looking to what is next. 

We understand that, for some, we are not moving fast enough. For others, we are moving too fast. Experiencing COVID has exposed things in all of our hearts that need the Lord’s wisdom and, frankly, our repentance. The gospel we preach and the unity it brings must always be superior to our feelings and approaches to illnesses.

Before heading into the summer, we want to invite you to a night of worship on May 23rd at 5:30pm on the lawn by the sanctuary. The coming months will be important for our congregational unity and our sensitivity to and care for one another. We serve a great God who is able to do—and has done—great things over the past year. He is due our praise. We hope to see you there.

Please pray for yourself and for your church as we take these steps together.