Making Disciples through Missions and Evangelism

Every believer should be engaged in ministering to those who don’t know the Lord. The fifth part of our disciple’s pathway is “Go and Tell.” This aspect focuses on local evangelism and global missions. Locally, there are a few ways to be involved (see below).

We don’t want to over-structure out outreach programming at the church because we believe that our members are our actual outreach program—where you live, work, and play.

We also have some strategic partnerships in the city. Read below for more detail and email us with any questions. These are areas where we have fostered a relationship and want to find unique ways to serve in those places.

Live/Work/Play Prayer Requests (2023)

We want everyone at Genesis focused on making disciples where they live, work, and play. These are areas where we believe God has uniquely placed you to make him known. We want to support you as you make Jesus known in these areas. Fill out the prayer form here so we can begin praying along with you that God would draw more to himself.

Schindewolf Intermediate

Through Loving Houston, we started a partnership with Schindewolf Intermediate (about a mile down the road from our building). Our main emphasis is to support the administration and teachers as they care for the 1,100+ student body. We’ve provided meals to new teachers, cared for staff, delivered care packages and good coffee, received prayer requests from the administration, and more. We love this partnership and would love for you to join us. Please contact us so we can connect you with the leadership of that team. Also, you can listen to one of our podcasts with the administration from earlier in 2022 (link).

Apartment Life

God’s been gracious in giving one of our members, Carisma, a strategic partnership working with Apartment Life. She’s seeking to make Jesus known at The Pierpont Apartments (45 and Hardy) and is putting on regularly opportunities for the residents to connect and for others to minister. This is a great opportunity for people who need to being learning how to engage with others or want to support Carisma’s work. Please contact us so we can connect you with the leadership of that team.