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Give someone 12 steps and they may overcome addiction.
Give them the Gospel and they’ve overcome the world.

STEPS: Gospel-Centered Recovery

What Is STEPS?

STEPS is a gospel-centered resource that takes people to the root of sin and suffering and leads them to embrace the freedom found only in Christ’s redemption.  It may benefit those who suffer from serious addictions as well as those whose walks with the Lord are being hindered by their own sin or by the sin of others.

STEPS participants meet weekly for small group discussions and a video teaching.  Each participant also meets weekly with a mentor who provides gospel-centered encouragement and accountability.  Childcare is available.  The only cost is the purchase of the STEPS book, which leads each participant through daily scripture study.  This is a 13-week deep dive into scripture.  Participants are asked to commit to daily Bible study and to two meetings per week for the full semester.

What's A Mentor?

For thirteen weeks, mentors meet weekly with their participants to help them review homework and to pray with them. This is an opportunity to be used by the Lord to help a fellow believer grasp the power of the gospel to change his or her life, no matter the problems or starting point.  Mentors attend two Saturday training sessions in the fall before the spring STEPS semester, and a mentor coach is available for support and counsel throughout the semester. Many mentors have completed the STEPS program as participants.  Any serious believer may serve as a STEPS mentor. The STEPS materials are designed to help mentors keep all their sessions focused on the gospel.


Fall Mentor Training

  • To Be Determined Soon

Spring STEPS Semester

  • Jan. 30 – April 16
    • Thursdays, 7 – 9 p.m.

Program Leaders

Program Leader – Johnny Rowe, GCC pastor

STEPS Team: 

  • Christian Clawson
  • Trey Clawson
  • Baylee McMinn
  • Tom McMinn
  • Bonnie Rowe

Forms for Mentors

Please fill out this form to be a STEPS mentor.

Forms for Participants

Please fill out this form to be a STEPS participant.

Discipleship Pathway

  • Worship: All of life is worship (Rom 12:1-2). Disciples are worshippers and gather together to worship and remember the Lord. At Genesis, our primary structure for fostering worship is our weekly worship service (which is a celebration of our lives together with Christ).
  • Connect: God has given us one another for caring, the bearing of burdens, fellowship, and living out our life (Acts 2:427-47). Community groups provide regular times to gather with a smaller groups of people from throughout the area for this connection.
  • Grow: God has given us every blessing in Christ (Eph 1:3) and, at the same time, we are exhorted to pursue and grow in our God-given and God-sustained faith (2 Pet 1:3-11). Discipleship groups (D-groups) are made up of 3-5 men or women who meet for a year to pursue the Lord, live accountably, and pray others come to know him.
  • Serve: Disciples are to reflect their Lord’s heart for service. Service teams are a mechanisms for us to use our gifts and serve others. Service teams are not the only way to serve, but do provide opportunities for us to regularly engage in service.
  • Go: Jesus commands his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:18-20). At Genesis, we encourage regular local evangelism and as well as ways to pray and contribute to global missions and gospel advancement.

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