In preparation for our family Sunday (October 30, 2022), we’ve made this explainer for you:

When a local church participates in communion it is commemorating the once-for-all death of Christ for our sins. Thus, participation should be taken seriously (and joyfully), with a sober consideration of one’s heart. Paul warns the Corinthians against taking communion in an “unworthy manner” (1 Cor 11:27).

Parents are the authority in the home, and it is important for parents—especially believing fathers—to lead their family in how communion should be considered. This conversation can seem daunting, but there are a couple of items to consider.

  • Communion is for the believer: At Genesis we believe that only those who have placed faith in Christ should participate in communion. We communicate this belief each Sunday we practice. As parents, you need to emphasize this to your children who might feel as if they are “missing out” on something. Keep the boundary here. Willfully allowing unbelieving children to participate in communion should not be practiced.
  • What about only baptized believers: Genesis does not require, as seen in some traditions, that only baptized believers participate in communion. The conviction that communion should be limited to those baptized comes from the idea that baptism is the communal identifier of one’s faith in Christ—not taking communion. From that identification through baptism comes the regular practice of taking communion. We have some in membership who hold this conviction and some who do not. We have not put a line here but are happy to talk with you about it. (Reach out to one of the elders if you have questions).
  • Conversations before the service are beneficial: If your children will be in the service and seeing communion for perhaps the first time, we would encourage you to have a conversation with them before Sunday about what it is, what Jesus has done for us, and how they can place their faith I him. This helps set good expectations for the Sunday.

When you are with your family this week, here are some good questions to ask in preparation for Sunday:

  • What is communion?
  • Who participates in communion?
  • What has Jesus accomplished for those who believe in him?

You will also have an opportunity this Sunday to pray with your family together before we take the elements together. We’d encourage you to take this time to talk to your family about Jesus.

You can reach out to our kids ministry team with any questions about how to talk to your children: