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Vision is All About What You Can See…


By His Grace, After Five Years We…

  • are a church family gathering each Sunday morning, experiencing together Worship in Spirit and Truth
  • are blessed with a committed vounteers who shepherd our children with grace and truth, with some fun thrown in besides
  • experience diverse groups of believers gathering weekly in homes for fellowship, accountability, and ministry together
  • host growing Sunday night (and morning) equipping ministries, including C3 Student Ministries, EQUIP classes and workshops, which provide theological leadership training for Adults
  • purchased, remodeled, and occupied 35,000 sq. ft. of ministry space designed with “utilitarian excellence”
  • engage various outreach endeavors through our several Community Groups, blessing our city in the name of Jesus
  • have been blessed with a vibrant, relevant, biblical ministry to students manifesting discipling relationships, led by a Director of Student Ministries
  • have a ministry to women devoted to cultivating Titus 2 relationships in our church family and a men’s ministry featuring morning small groups and monthly fellowship dinners
  • designed and implemented governance philosophy and documents
  • are seeing gatherings of men and women, praying with and for each other in our ongoing fight for joy in the Gospel and against the sins in our daily lives
  • identified with Acts 29, a network of like-minded, church-planting churches
  • have sent short-term missions teams from C3Houston all over the world
  • have supported church-planting efforts and Gospel-service deed ministries both in Houston and around the world, with 23% of our giving going to missions endeavors in 2016-17
  • are seeing between 600-700 gather for worship in two services on Sunday mornings

Looking Forward:

  • we continue to seek to develop and implement a sound, effective, and doable strategy for church planting out of C3Houston
  • we desire to bless the city of Houston, seeing God’s Kingdom reach into our ethnically diverse city through Gospel-driven churches planted in every corner of our great city
  • we seek to see our facility used in ways that bless our immediate neighbors and also encourage and resource church planters and ministries from all around Houston
  • we will move forward with our commitment to Word, Community, and Mission to reach broken people across the street and around the world

Discipleship Pathway

  • Worship: All of life is worship (Rom 12:1-2). Disciples are worshippers and gather together to worship and remember the Lord. At Genesis, our primary structure for fostering worship is our weekly worship service (which is a celebration of our lives together with Christ).
  • Connect: God has given us one another for caring, the bearing of burdens, fellowship, and living out our life (Acts 2:427-47). Community groups provide regular times to gather with a smaller groups of people from throughout the area for this connection.
  • Grow: God has given us every blessing in Christ (Eph 1:3) and, at the same time, we are exhorted to pursue and grow in our God-given and God-sustained faith (2 Pet 1:3-11). Discipleship groups (D-groups) are made up of 3-5 men or women who meet for a year to pursue the Lord, live accountably, and pray others come to know him.
  • Serve: Disciples are to reflect their Lord’s heart for service. Service teams are a mechanisms for us to use our gifts and serve others. Service teams are not the only way to serve, but do provide opportunities for us to regularly engage in service.
  • Go: Jesus commands his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:18-20). At Genesis, we encourage regular local evangelism and as well as ways to pray and contribute to global missions and gospel advancement.

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