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We Are All At Different Points In Our Journey Towards Christ.

We believe the primary function of the church is to live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus together. This does not have to take on any one form, but Scripture is clear that no Christian should walk alone. For this reason, we believe in being a church made up of small, multiplying groups of disciples who pray together, seek Christ-likeness together, and equip each other for our mission to make disciples of Christ.

Finding a Group:

Go here to check out our groups and reach out to one of our leaders. If interested in how to lead a group, email [email protected]

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We want everyone at Genesis to experience the growth that can come from committing a year with a small group of people (men with men and women with women), reading the Scriptures, memorizing them, and living accountably together.

D-groups are a place to grow with others in an intentional environment focused on the Scriptures with a view toward multiplying when they finish.

While D-groups are invite only, you can always inquire about them by speaking with your community group leader or filling out this form.